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Member - Guild Of Music Supervisors

Member, Guild of Music Supervisors


We pride ourselves in the fact that we give every project we work on the highest level of committment.   Finding the right song, navigating relationships, negotiating a great price, and papering everything properly, are the skills we bring to each new project as licensing agents, clearance consultants, and music supervisors..

HD MUSIC NOW offers a full service music supervision and consultancy firm for all types of media (film, tv, commercials, video games, advertising, internet, soundtracks, etc...) Bottom line, when you work with HD Music Now, we'll make sure your project stays true to your vision, and we help select and clear the music you need, that enhances your project while staying within your budget.

Our services include:

  • Clearing affordable songs from today's best artists and labels. We can estimate the costs of your proposed music uses prior to contacting any rightsholders. We will work with you to develop an overall music licensing strategy to get the music you need within the confines of your budget. We will research copyright ownership for any song, and negotiate licenses for both synchronization and master recording rights.
  • Using our extensive recording industry ties to commission original music for use in your project.
  • Organizing and overseeing music editing.
  • Preparing music cue sheets, and filing them with the appropriate societies.

*If you have a project and find yourself with questions or in need of a music supervisor, please reach out and let's discuss your project.  

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